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A Message From Gerri

Gerri Varas, my co-writer and friend, wrote an introduction to our juvenile, NF book about using yoga to overcome test anxiety. We are submitting proposals for the finished manuscript to publishers already, but her message is so special, I want to share it now:

"When I was younger, I remember being in class, sitting and listening to my teacher. She'd write numbers and words on the board and as she spoke the words flowed together like a slow moving river. I'd drift along with the information like a cork floating in the water without absorbing any of it. The equations, the formulas, all of the prepositions would sail out of my understanding despite my desperate attempts to figure them all out. I'd craft a rickety raft out of every irregular sentence and division problem, going down the stream with the best intentions to steer my craft safely and successfully to exam day. I wanted to pay attention and do well, but somewhere between the lesson and the examination I missed a lot of information. How could I hide my incompetence from everyone? For sure they'll catch on to you, I told myself. It's as plain as the nose on your face, Gerri: You're stupid.

"If that story sounds like something you have experienced, pull your raft next to mine and let's enjoy being in the water together, rather than letting the current pull us into an eddy of fear and self doubt. We may bob like corks bumping into things along the way, but we'll get there together. We'll come out of the water stronger and better able to navigate the rough waters of life.

-Gerri Varas

Gerri is a life-changing yoga instructor and the owner of Yoga Vita Studios in Chandler, AZ. Her website is: https://www.yogavitastudios.com/

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