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There's Good All Around

"Uplifting and heartwarming, with luminous illustrations by Graziella Miligi... the perfect book for these times."


    -Dianne White, author of   Winter  Lullaby, and Blue on Blue.

“This is a very sweet book, full of goodness, guaranteed to brighten your day.” 


-Paul Meisel,  author of 

See Me Dig and See Me Run.

"There's Good All Around is a beautiful reminder to enjoy all the things big and small that bring a smile to our face and warmth in our hearts."


-Amanda Malek-Ahmad,

author of 10 Ballet Dancers.

An ode to simple joys! This lyrical book is a comfort blanket..." 


-Annie Watson, author of My Monster Moofy and Is 2 A Lot?

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