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Video Interviews

Author Interview with Dianne White

Twenty Questions with Will Hillenbrand

Dianne White is the author of five picture books, including Blue on Blue, Green on Green and Sometimes a Wall. We recorded her presentation "Finding the Music : Using the tools of poetry to write picture books," for the Maricopa County Libraries on September 28, 2020.

Will Hillenbrand is the author and illustrator of over 70 books for children. When I asked if we could record an interview for aspiring illustrators, he requested that I send him my questions and then he recorded and animated his answers in a video for Maricopa County Libraries.

Hard Truths About Publishing Told Gently

The owner of Small-Tooth-Dog Publishing Group, Sean Buvala, and the author of 10 Ballet Dancers, Amanda Malek Ahmadi, recoded an interview for Maricopa County Libraries. Sean and Amanda discuss publishing from the perspectives of an established publisher and a debut author.

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